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Bastrop, Texas 78602
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The unofficial Official Beard Brand of the Red Dirt, Americana, Texas Country Music Scene. We're the Beard Brand your favorite artist use. Beard Oil and Beard Wax

Rx Premium

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Rx Premium

Just what the Doctor ordered for a thin or patchy beard. Higher concentration of Vitamin E and a blend of the highest quality hair growth stimulating Essential Oils.  

"Rx Premium" This Beard Oil has a different formula from the rest of our oils, "Rx Premium" has a much higher concentration of pure Vitamin E, and with a blend of tea tree, peppermint, and other hair stimulating all natural essential oils. This oil is designed to help guys who have thin or patchy beards to thicken up or fill in. While we cant change your DNA, we can guarantee that this oil is formulated to give you the best chance to have a great thick long beard! This oil will have a tingle on the skin, and if you already have a nice full beard its like a face lift.